How Companies Across Industries are Harnessing Machine Data Intelligence to Gain Transformative Business Insights

Machine Data Intelligence enables what was previously impossible due to technology limitations. Now, enterprises have unprecedented access to business insights that are driving transformative results.

Download our latest paper to learn how enterprises across industries are using Machine Data Intelligence, such as:

  • Media and Entertainment: both real-time and historical machine data analysis help deliver superior stream quality during surges in viewership
  • Supply Chain and Logistics: intelligent monitoring of goods in transit prevents spoilage and analysis of real-time driving data lowers insurance underwriting
  • Energy: high-level accuracy of machine data analytics helps identify usage anomalies and theft

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"Circonus' rich ecosystem allowed us to get C and C++ applications streaming metrics in an
hour or so, compared to the days it would've taken to build our own libraries."

Samy Al Bahra